A little about working with Gallery Shortcodes

  • November 26, 2015

Creating Galleries in KingSize WordPress is what makes it so unique.

There are a variety of ways in which you can display your photos.

There are no limitations to how many Galleries you can create.

The first and most popular is by using a ‘Fullscreen’ background image.

This method makes use of the ‘Slider’ post type to display your images.

This way, your visitors can enjoy your gallery fullscreen with no distractions; capturing their full attention and enjoyment.

The next method is using the ‘Galleries’ post type.

This allows you to create a single post that will house your gallery images.

Each Gallery post is assigned a unique ID that will be used to call those images when creating a page or post you want those galleries displayed in. Then using our Shortcode button within the editor, you can insert the Gallery shortcode, assign the Gallery ID and choose what type of Gallery you’re wanting to use when displaying those images within that specific page / post (there are 6 unique types to choose from).

The available Gallery Types are:

  1. Colorbox
  2. Fancybox
  3. Galleria
  4. Orbit
  5. PrettyPhoto
  6. SlideViewer

Here is an example of different options in a Gallery Shortcode.

Gallery shortcodes can be re-used multiple times.

They can be edited by going back to the created Gallery and click the ‘Add Media’ button to manage the attached media files. This would be where you can re-arrange (if using a specific order) by drag-n-drop, edit titles, descriptions or add and delete images.

Here is an example of a Gallery shortcode being used in a post:

Here’s a video Tutorial we hope will help:

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