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Wildlife, Nature, Landscape and Travel Photography

I’m fortunate to have been able to extensively travel the world and photograph many of its creatures. I enjoy sharing my adventures with others through photography. Most of our photo trips are into the jungles and wilderness in pursuit of all things wild. Nature and all its creatures holds a special fascination for me, as does the people of remote places. Photography from over ninety countries on seven continents over the past twenty years since my retirement.

Wildlife, Nature, Landscape and Travel Photography  remaining to be processed.

My extensive world travels have resulted in my accumulating well over a hundred thousand photographs and many remain unprocessed. I’ve always said that I’d get around to processing them when I was forced to slow down. The Covid-19Pandemic has brought my travels to a halt and given me plenty of time to examine my photography collection. I determined it was now time to get some of the Wildlife, Nature, Landscape and Travel photography out of the computer and share it with others. This is my initial effort at displaying some of my work and making it available for other people to enjoy.

There remains unprocessed Wildlife, Nature, Landscape and Travel photography from trips to the Russian Arctic, Canadian Arctic, South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Antarctica and  Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand. Also pictures from Australia, India, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina and others waiting for me to find the time to process them. There is more of my Wildlife, Nature, Landscape and Travel photography on my FLICKR , and sites that are not on

Recent Travel Adventures.

Due to Covid-19 there have been no recent travel adventures. Our last travel adventure was in October and November of 2019 to Nepal and Bhutan. My photography of the last year has all been in our local area.

Camera gear

Prior to the digital age I spent years lugging around a Canon AE1 and lenses on my hiking and wilderness backpacking trips. I’m still with Canon but it is all digital now. Because of my interest in Nature and Wildlife, I currently use Canon 7d MkII and Canon 5D MkIV bodies, one with Canon’s 200-400mm L IS Internal 1.4 Extender lens or 100-400mm L IS II telephoto lens and the other with Canon’s 24-105mm L IS F4 or 16-32mm F2.8 L lenses. I’m still have not moved up to the new mirrorless bodies and new lenses.

I started digital photo processing using Kodak and Google’s Picasa. I changed to Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom at version 2 due to the non-destructive capability and the ability to do RAW processing. Now I use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for my digital processing. Initially, I began digital photography shooting in the .jpg mode but have shot only in the RAW mode for many years now.



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